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Title II Disabled Adult Child/Childhood Disability Benefit

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Title II Disabled Adult Child/ Childhood Disability Benefit

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • disabled by SSA's definition before age 22; 
  • the child of insured workers who are either disabled, retired or deceased;
  • have filed an application for child's benefits; and
  • be unmarried (some exceptions - if adult child marries, benefits end, unless marriage is to another social security beneficiary).

POMS DI 10115.001, 20 CFR 404.350 - .352.

Protected Medicaid

An individual who was receiving SSI benefits is eligible for Protected Medicaid if they meet the following:

  • is over the age of 18;
  • has blindness or a disability which began before the age of 22;
  • the individual is entitled to Title II benefits on a parent's record due to the retirement, death or disability of a parent, and loses SSI due to receipt of that benefit or increase in that benefit; and
  • the individual would continue to be eligible for SSI in the absence of the Title II disabled adult child's benefit or such increases to that benefit.